How to merge GPX tracks easily

I promised my local cycling group I’d write a post about this subject. So here it is..

Ever stopped recording a ride by mistake and ended up with two (or more) seperate GPS tracks? I certainly have! Luckily it’s really easy to merge these afterwards into a single track, ready to re-import into Strava (or your other ride repository of choice).

I tend to use an offline option (i.e. installed software), but it’s simplest to use an online option. I’d recommend checking out these two.

GOTOES Utilities for Strava - Combine FIT, GPX or TCX files (web site)

This is as easy as it gets! Upload your separate tracks and it will merge them into one for you to download. (Other web sites are around that do similar things, but this one works best in my experience.)

GPS Track Editor (Windows software)

I use this free software for my merging. It does the same thing as the website above (use the Track > Merge menu), but also lots of other cool and geeky things that I find useful.

Whichever you use, your last step should be to reimport your merged ride file back into Strava (or wherever). Once you’re sure it’s imported correctly, don’t forget to delete your separate rides, otherwise you’ll end up with duplicated rides.

That’s it; hope you find this useful.